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2011年6月 2日 (木)

Thank you for watching our videos!!

Hello,I'm Itu.Thank you for many comments,massages & E-mailhappy01
We checked all things,but we coudn't respond these things.We sorry to many peoplelweep

We are amazing and glad that our this video is watched by over 660,000 people!!
We thank and feel honor for many people.

Obrigado &Arigatou!!(^^)/

Recently,We pravticed our music with "Erva Verde"
We respect this sinior band,so we were so happy in this time♪


Mari (Vocal from Erva Verde) & Kenta


Aikawa(Percussion from Erva Verde) ,Taro play recoreco & Yuji play Bass.


Yuji, Hisashi(guitar from Erva verde) & me (Itu play Repique)


bekky play surdo.


hisashi play cavaco & MAX play banjo.

and,after the practice,,,

Nec_0159 Nec_0158

We try new activities,so please wait our next action!!

☆ OMAKE(bonus photo)


(Itu:play hepique & keyboard)



とにかく Youtubeの閲覧者数がすごいことになってます!


今回写真でアップしたのは我がY-noでも活躍しているHisashiさんも所属する先輩バンド"Erva Verde"との合同練習でした。ずっと憧れていた先輩たちとの一時は夢のようでした♪
このように密かに活動を続けておりますGrupo Y-no、これからも頑張りますので応援のほどよろしくお願いいたします!!

オマケの写真ですが、ブラジルの国内線の雑誌に我々の記事が載っていたのを先輩が教えてくれました。知らないところでこんなことが起きてるとは・・・。先輩ありがとうございましたm(_ _)m



« Grupo Y-no está bem. | トップページ | what is the motivation !? »



Hey guys ou melhor garotos ! Sou brasileira e apesar de não ser fã de samba ou pagode realmente aprovei a ideia de vocês achei muito interessante dou maior apoio !
meu sonho é conhecer o Japão ,sempre gostei da cultura japonesa, e confesso que me surpreendi com a musica de vocês eu realmente nao achava que tinham japoneses fãs de samba ou pagode !

boa sorte \(;゚∇゚)/

kissus ( ^ω^ )

投稿: Camille | 2011年6月21日 (火) 05時25分

Thank you for writing comment!!
I can't understand Portuguese,
but I very glad to see you your message♪

投稿: itu | 2011年6月23日 (木) 23時23分

I'm sorry I thought you understand Portuguese.

I understand English
But writing in English do not think so easy.

Before I had written about my surprise at seeing a Japanese singing in Portuguese samba.

I am Brazilian and actually always liked rock and pop, but I found the video interesting.

I have a dream to go to Japan. I think everything very beautiful.

gomen for the possible bugs but I think it is possible to understand =)

Ganbatte minna!

投稿: Camille | 2011年6月28日 (火) 21時52分

Thank you for writing comment again and in English!!
I understand your message♪

投稿: itu | 2011年7月 4日 (月) 23時22分

I really liked the music from you. Brazilian musician and I recognize their commitment. I've played a lot "samba", have heard many groups and I was surprised with the talent of you. Support your interest and I am proud to see that people are breaking the boundaries and musical boundaries. Congratulations and I wish much success to all, I am available if they need help from a Brazilian. good luck! good

投稿: Fábio Lemos | 2011年7月15日 (金) 12時12分

Thank you for writing comment !!

投稿: itu | 2011年7月19日 (火) 21時29分





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