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2010年11月21日 (日)

We meets precious movie!!

(In English)

Please watch this movienote

They are Brazilian and sang our song"Querido Meu Amor"sign03

He who uploaded this movie do Japanese calture such as Bon odori (Japanese dance)flair
We enjoy each other calture the other side the earth!!
It's very wonderful & precious thingshine

If we have a chance,we try to enjoy Bon odori togetherwink
(Obrigado and arigato,kathono.)

And now,we're moving to send some our band's works to Brazil !!(From Japan,it is very difficult,,,weep)
We try to work hard,so please waiting next our action!!

itu (a support member of Grupo Y-no)




既に御覧になっている方が多いと思いますが、なんとブラジルの方が我々の楽曲「Querid meu amor」を歌っている動画を発見致しました!!



実は他にも「Querid meu amor」を歌ってる動画はあったり、自分が好きなブラジルの歌を歌っている動画を送って下さる方もいたりと、未だにブラジルでの反響は続いているようですup
我々もメンバー各自の活動もしつつも、水面下では様々なGrupo Y-no worksを展開していますので、次の活動報告を楽しみにしていて下さいhappy01

いとぅ (a support member of Grupo Y-no)


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Heyyy!!! Arigato for share our video... \o/!!! And... omedeto for your single released!!! The quality of sound and voice are great! Very cool!...

Esperamos que um dia vocês possam vir tocar aqui no Brasil... ouuuu que nós possamos ir tocar ai no Japão e ouvir vocês tocarem aí!!! Parabénsss!!! Sucesso!!!

Abraço!!! ( Hug!!! )

投稿: Tück (Kathono) | 2010年11月27日 (土) 01時11分

Thank you for writing comment here,Tückhappy01
I meet you again,so I feel very happy,
and other band members glad to contact you who upload this movie!
Arigato & obrigado!!shine

投稿: itu | 2010年11月28日 (日) 01時31分

Watashi no SITE wo mite kudasai. Grupo Y-NO wa totemo sugoii! Y-NO no manga wa watashi no site no naka ni arimasu.

watashi wo E-mail kudasai.happy01

投稿: Nane | 2010年12月 1日 (水) 09時54分

sutekina nihongo arigatouflairManga minna de mimasita.minna totemo kandou sitemasucryingmata kaite kudasai,tanosimi ni sitemasushine
E-mail mo okurimasunehappy01

Thank you for beautiful Japanese comments,and writing Manga about us!!We feel exciting & honor to you,becouse it likes natural communication of our Bandflair
So,please write more manga,And we send E-mailup

投稿: itu | 2010年12月 3日 (金) 01時20分





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