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2010年8月20日 (金)

Sept. 8, 2010 「Querido Meu Amor」

September 8, 2010 will be forever remembered as the "Querido Meu Amor Day" or "Dia do Querido Meu Amor"

On this day, Grupo Y-no`s First CD Querido Meu Amor will be released via internet!!!

First releasing country will be Japan!!! Why?? because we are Japanese!!
Querido Meu Amor which is a love song for all the Japanese young culture!!
And who knows it might become a mega hit and we`ll get a chance to perform at Budoukan or Yoyogi Taikukan.,,!!

Then after distribution starts in Japan, the next country will be Brasil!!!!!


Because we play samba pagode!! Our style is Samba pagode plus Japanese pop rock music.
We have succeeded on mixing these two music elements and created a brand new music "J-pagode"

Querido Meu Amor is sang in portugese and performed with samba instruments, but it`s played by Japanese Men.

This may seem awkward but Grupo Y-no loves samba pagode and it shouldn`t matter who plays what music
as long as you are serious. We are serious young men!! who just can`t help listening to samba and pagode and japanese music and all sorts of music.

After doing more than 3 days of recording and mixing, doing live performances and negotiating with the promoters.
we have come this far.... to the point where our music will be sent out on the internet and eventually to the world.

Very happy and excited we are!! 



Arigatou Gozaimasu!!

Valeu Obrigadooo!!

so to sum it up, Qurido Meu Amor coming online on Spet 8, 2010!!

We are looking forward to the day where we can say moer moer moer together!!

Let`s Go!!

(Grupo Y-no)


ふぅー。 さあ、行こうか



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